Integration: Hosting Services

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In order to meet the complex and varied individual demands of research, academic, and administrative clients, paradIGM offers flexible custom hosting services.

We can deliver turnkey virtual servers for projects with modest disk and memory requirements, and whose software components are fully supported by the Red Hat application stack (e.g. apache, mysql, postgresql). Most web-database applications fall into this category.

For complex projects, we can engineer highly specialized solutions, including the deployment of dedicated data center hardware, hardware-software integration, custom web/database application development, and high-availability failover.

Deployment options include:

  • dedicated virtual machine
  • dedicated physical hardware
  • high-availability (multiple dedicated virtual machines with automatic failover)

To reduce overhead, we have standardized our servers on 64-bit Intel hardware running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Explanation of Rates

Our server hosting rates are calibrated to cover deployment, security, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting. The basic rate is $75/month, adjusted for complexity according to the number of “modules” in the service.

Server Component #Modules
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS (Virtual Host) 1
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS (Physical Host) 1.5
Application or Server Daemon (Red Hat Bundled) 1
Application or Server Daemon (Third-Party) 2


Standalone Virtual Web Server
Virtual Host: 1 module
Apache Web Server (bundled): 1 module
2 modules * $75/module = $150/month
Virtual Web Server w/ Database Back-end
Virtual Host: 1 module
Apache Web Server (bundled): 1 module
Postgresql Database Server (bundled): 1 module
3 modules * $75/module = $225/month
Web Server w/ 3rd-party Content Management Software
Physical Host: 1.5 modules
Apache Web Server (bundled): 1 module
MySQL Database Server (bundled): 1 module
Drupal Content Management System (3rd-party): 2 modules
5.5 modules * $75/module = $412.50/month